Friday, October 11, 2019

Friday News 10/11/19

Happy Friday Nature Cat Families!!!!

Things have been moving right along these past couple of weeks!  We have been trying to get outside as much a possible, to enjoy our last moments of nice weather before the real cold sets in.  

Our trip to Chapin Orchards was a huge success.  We learned all about how the trees get pollinated by the bees, we peeked inside an active hive and we even tried to spot the Queen Bee!  With all our apples, each classroom made some homemade applesauce.  It was delicious.  

Earlier this week the entire school went to the Flynn Theater to see the show "Dogman".  It was so silly, and so much fun.  

Today Recycle Rhonda from CSWD came in to teach us the difference between recycling, composting and reusing.  We are now going to have compost bins in each classroom and we know what we can and can't recycle.  

Fun Fact....Did you know that in order to recycle something, it has to be bigger than a squirrel's head?  It does!  

We are looking forward to meeting with all of you at conferences over the next few weeks.  

See you soon!

Nancy, Carolyn and Heather

Friday, September 20, 2019

Friday Update 9/20/19

Happy Friday Nature Cat Families!

It's Peace Week here at UCS.  On Thursday afternoon we had an assembly celebrating peace and made a nature mandala

It was amazing!

We also had our yearly Rules Conference where students from each class got together with Mrs. Cote to create our school wide rules.  The Nature Cats that attended the conference were Eleanor Cronin from Mrs. Ferreira's room, Evy Dorman from Mrs. Porter's room and Ana Corriveau from Ms. Jones' room.

Friday was the Zucchini Relay.  It was so much fun, and a great way to spend a beautiful Friday afternoon.  In conjunction with the Zucchini Relay, we had our harvest lunch.  There was a zucchini casserole, salad, and grapes for dessert.  All complements of our amazing garden.  Thank you to everyone who helped put the events together and thank you to all who have volunteered in our garden this past summer to make this all possible!!!   

We are getting excited for Open house next Thursday.  We are finishing up projects and getting them all displayed.  We can't wait to see everybody!

                                                    Important Information to Remember

Tee shirts  If you have not already done so, please send in a white tee shirt for an art activity coming soon!

Picture Day:  Individual photos will be take next Thursday during the school day. All students get their picture taken even if families are not ordering photos. The photographer will do a class photo in November. Please be aware she will not be able to do a retake if anyone is absent the day of the class photo. 

Open House:  Students and families are invited to school next Thursday night from 6-7pm. Your child will show you some work s/he has done in the classroom and school. 

Harvest Market Parade:  UCS students and families are invited to walk together in the Harvest Market parade on Saturday, September 28th. Parade Line Up will begin at 8:30am at BRMS. More information to come.

UCS Fun Run Logo Contest:  UCS PTO is holding a contest to find a logo for the UCS Fun Run.  If you want to enter, you must bring in your drawing to the office by this coming Monday. The winner will receive free registration for the event, which includes a shirt with their logo. We are looking for bold and simple images to represent the UCS Race & Fun Run 2019. One entry per student please. Picture should be black and white drawings, traced with black marker, on 8.5x11” printer paper, paper placed horizontally. First & last name must be written with pencil on the back of the paper. 

UCS Fun Run:  Don't forget to sign up for the UCS  5K Race and 1 Mile Fun Run on Saturday, October 12th. The run  is open to all Underhill Central School Families and the Community. The event will be held at Mills Riverside Park. Registration is open now through 8:45 am on Race & Fun Run Day.  To register for the Fun Run, please print the Registration Form in the "UCS Community News" and return it to the school office with payment. 

Conference sign-ups We will be sending out conference sigh-ups next week.

Have a great weekend!

Nancy, Carolyn and Heather

Friday, September 13, 2019

Friday News

Dear Nature Cat Families,

Wow we’ve been working really hard over the last several weeks.  We’ve been building community, establishing routines and getting to know one another.  We’ve spent time in our outdoor classroom and harvested in the garden.  

Here are a few highlights from the past few weeks:
  • All About Me Books
  • Self portraits
  • Exploring math materials
  • Poetry writing
  • Readers Workshop
  • Learning about the brain
  • Mindfulness and mindful moments

Our specials schedules are as follows:  
Monday - Guidance, Library
Tuesday - PE
Wednesday - Art
Thursday - PE, Music
Friday - Spanish

Monday - Guidance
Tuesday - Music
Wednesday - Library
Thursday - PE, Art
Friday - PE, Spanish

Monday - Library, Guidance
Tuesday - Music
Wednesday - Art
Thrusday - PE
Friday - PE, Spanish

Homework information will be coming soon.

Weekly Newsletters will begin to be posted on Fridays on our classroom blog beginning next week. 

School Pictures - Thursday Sept. 26th!
Class pictures will be taken that day as a whole group.  There will be no make-up for the class picture. There will be make-up for individual pictures.

Flynn money for our school trip to see Dog Man is now due.  If you have not sent in the permission slip and $8.50, please do so ASAP.

Student Directory - If you would like your name in the school directory please send your slip into the office.

Extra Clothes -  Please make sure your child is prepared for wet grass during morning recess.  An extra pair of socks or shoes/boots would be very helpful.

Were looking forward to seeing all of you at open house on Thursday September 26th at 6:00!

Carolyn, Heather and Nancy

Wednesday, May 1, 2019


A big THANK YOU to the students of So. Burlington High School
for spending the day with us and helping out!  With their help we were able to rake out our garden, move some mulch so that we can play on our jacks structure, and save the gravel for the garden!  We also had a great time playing with them on the playground.  Thank you Ms. Moran for taking the time to bring your advisory to our school!

Thursday, March 21, 2019


Math time is a thinking time.  We work with each other to come up with different ways to solve problems.  

Thursday, March 7, 2019


Today we learned about animal tracks, pretended to be animals and learned how they walk, and made treats for our bird friends.  What a day!

Tuesday, November 13, 2018

The First Snow!

It's a tradition for the Nature Cats to go out and enjoy the first snow.  I think we accomplished our mission!

Friday News 10/11/19

Happy Friday Nature Cat Families!!!! Things have been moving right along these past couple of weeks!  We have been trying to get outside a...